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Taste: Scored out of 5 Q: How to run a certain method on every async task in C# I have an EventLog class with a method that will log every time an exception is thrown. This is how I call it in my code EventLog.WriteEntry(exception.Message); I want to write every time an exception is thrown to the EventLog. However, the method is called at the same time the exception was thrown so I only end up writing the first exception to the EventLog. How can I make the method wait for all the async tasks to finish before running? A: This is how I made it work public void WriteToEventLog(string exceptionMessage) { try { throw new Exception(""); } catch EventLog.WriteEntry(exceptionMessage); } And this is how I call it from my code try //Do some task here catch(Exception exception) WriteToEventLog(exception.Message); How to get the value of text field from webform using ajax in wordpress I want to get the value of a text field when I enter something into it using ajax. Here is my text field: When I submit the form I get the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in... The attribute required is used for form validation. You should use the data-required attribute instead. jQuery.validator.addMethod("required", function(value, element) { return this.optional(element) || this.getLength(element, 0) > 0; }, "The field must be completed."); function CheckUserId(id




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